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C.H. Squared's first Feature Film

Written and Directed by Colin Henning

Produced by

Colin Henning | Chad Hylton | Georgia Morgan

Appalachia, 1946: a seamstress welcomes home her tailor husband, only to find they are not the team they were. Trying to stitch back together their old life, time and time again it threatens to fall apart – with each of them pulling at the thread. 


The deep, lonely, Appalachian Mountains provide the setting for a tense reunion between a husband, Teddy –turned unfruitfully idealistic after the war– and his wife, Marion –whose courage found in the years without him, has turned her quietly cunning. Their former relationship lies lost somewhere in the five years that have passed, but they share one common, unspoken, interest: to build a future.

In the heart of winter, their life and profession as tailors becomes complicated by newfound desires, talents, and a broken pair of glasses. Unable to sew, Teddy must pick up other work. Meanwhile, Marion moves back to the familiar feeling of working without her husband –and more than familiar, it may be preferable, too. 

As each find their paths lead away from the other, they are forced to confront that it’s not only life that has changed: they have changed. 


"(...) the premise of Appalachian Dog is just as deceiving as its characters. As its simmering domestic drama is slowly infused with a morbid 'comedy' of uncomfortableness, the film provides the perfect framework for its modern take on the Southern Gothic subgenre."
- Film Threat


Shot on location in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, Appalachian Dog utilized the winter landscape to create dimensional vistas that were both cinematic and barren.


The Farm dates back to the early 1900s, providing authenticity and an eerie romanticism to the scenes with Cate Wills at home. A working farm, breaks were taken so the animals could be fed –and actors could get acquainted with their furry costars.


The Cabin that served as the Henry Home –built out of barn wood from the 1800s–  was also home to the main cast & crew during filming. Inadvertently, the lifestyle of those on set began to reflect those on screen: ‘family’ dinners, stocking up food, stolen moments in the mountains, and an ability to work together, forming a shorthand language with each other.


Georgia Morgan
Marion Henry
Hayleigh Hart Franklin
Peggie Darrow
Brooke Elizabeth
Cate Wills
Colin Henning
Teddy Henry

Also With

Monica Rae Summers Gonzalez
Aaron J. Stewart
Andrew Wills
Annie McLean


Aidan Macaluso 
Cinematographer & Gaffer
Chad Hylton
Sound | Editor | Producer 
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