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About C.H. Squared

an Independent Film House from Colin Henning and Chad Hylton.

Playing with genre, and traditional elements of storytelling,  C.H. Squared injects new life into old structure.  Pomp, acerbity, and unabashed emotional highs mark the components through which traditional genres are turned on their heads. 

Stories rooted in the now  can still feel timeless.  C.H. Squared champions the underdog with empathy, by illustrating nuanced characters, and mixing the absurd & sensational with the emotionally true & relevant. 

with more to come

Our Story

when colin met chad...

he was a BFA Acting student, and Chad was a BFA Film student at SUNY Purchase.  

Pen in hand, Colin watched as Chad picked apart his Starbucks panini.  Fingers glazed with pesto, Chad deconstructed his panini fillings into little piles and ate them as sides, as he answered Colin's questions on how to light a Film Noir.  Colin had taken the step to ask Chad for advice on a short film he was looking to make - and who better to ask than a Film major!

Colin scribbled notes as Chad talked; then the two parted ways - after Chad held him hostage by showing him Twitches memes - that he made.  Colin had never seen the movie, but Chad showed him anyway.  In truth, he couldn't even find the memes; they were lost on his phone.  So, he explained the memes in great detail.  It took a while.


It was the start of a weird and beautiful friendship that snowballed into love.

5 years later, Colin and Chad share a love of film and each other. And Twitches.

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